Monday, 31 January 2011


This isn't a blog in the true sense of the word - more a way of keeping our online lists up to date. So no lecturing, posturing or controversy here. Suffice to say that yes, rum does seem to be getting more popular at The Grill. That may be due to an overall increase in popularity or just down to the fact that we offer some variety here. We don't do cocktails, so unless the rum is served neat with ice,the only alternative is with coke and a wedge of lime.

Our latest additions, courtesy of those excellent people at The Whisky Exchange, are as follows

Antigua - English Harbour 5yo
Brazil - Beija-Flor Reserva 10yo Cachaca
Guatemala - Botran Reserva Solera Aged
Guyana - 5yo, 8yo, 12yo & 21yo (we already stocked the 15yo)
Haiti - Barbancourt 4yo & 15yo, to add to the popular 8yo we already stocked.
Panama - Ron Abuelo 5yo
Peru - Cartavio 7yo Gran Reserva
St Lucia - Admiral Rodney Extra Old

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