Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Welcome to The Grill Blog!

Thought it might be a good idea to use this space to let you know about new arrivals in the bar - whiskies that is. They come thick and fast these days - I have trouble keeping our list up to date.

I'll also post details of my distillery visits and any bits of whisky related news that might be of interest.

Your welcome to post requests,questions and anything else that takes your fancy.

I've used a picture my daughter took of me when we were visiting my son in Houston, it sure was a Texas-sized margarita! Just to prove I have a life outside of single malts!

Slainte Mhath!


  1. Graham, Hi! Anyway, how are Canadian Whiskeys, as I've heard you have a single malt called, er....'Glen brecon'. Any thoughts on its taste at all?

  2. Hi Graham,here I am visiting the site like I said I would when we conversed in the bar lunch time today.......Very impressive site indeed. Full of info...........Like the blog of the trip Inverness.
    James Nelson.

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  4. Perhaps the only pub in the world that is now selling the Bruichladdich X4 'spirit' as made famous in the Oz Clark and James May pub crawl programme where they drove a performance car using it as fuel. And such nice fuel it is too!
    Sweet, but very dry finish, and for its alcohol content, no throat burn at all. Must be the unleaded in it doing that. Thanks